Stage 2

Stage 2: Consultation on a proposed Rule

2.1 Commencement of public consultation on a proposed Rule (section 251 of the NERL)

If the AEMC considers that it should take action under the rule amendment procedure, it will publish:

The notice will include:

Other matters may be included in a notice such as:

2.2 Early consultation with related regulatory bodies

In addition to the public consultation process set out above, the AEMC may consult at an early stage in the rule amendment procedure with the Australian Energy Regulator, jurisdictional regulators as defined in the Regulations and Energy Ombudsmen on particular issues set out in the proposed Rule relating to those bodies' functions. These arrangements are set out in the Memorandum of Understanding between the AEMC and some of those bodies.

2.3 What does "publish" mean in relation to a request for a Rule? (section 87 of the NERL)

The NERL specifies different requirements on the AEMC for publishing certain documents during the rule amendment procedure.


2.4 Right to make written submissions (section 254 of the NERL)

Any person may make a written submission to the AEMC on the proposed Rule before the closing date for submissions.

2.5 Public Hearing before the draft Rule determination (section 255 of the NERL)

The AEMC may (but is not required to) hold a public hearing on the proposed Rule before it makes a draft Rule determination.