Scheme Register

The National Gas Law (NGL) and the National Gas Rules (NGR) came into effect on 1 July 2008 in all jurisdictions except Western Australia. On 1 January 2010, Western Australia became a participating jurisdiction under the National Gas Law (to the extent set out in the National Gas Access (WA) Act 2009). The NGR requires that the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) establish and maintain a register of all pipelines that are, or have been, subject to any form of regulation or exemption from regulation under the NGL or the National Third Party Access Code for Natural Gas Pipelines (the 'old scheme').

The Regulator for all pipelines except WA pipelines, is the Australian Energy Regulator. The Regulator for the WA pipelines is the Economic Regulation Authority.

A copy of the scheme register is available for inspection at the AEMC's office in Sydney during business hours.

To contact the scheme register or provide information to it, please email




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ACT: Canberra System Distribution ActewAGL Distribution Covered
NSW: Central Ranges Gas Network Distribution APA Group (APA) Covered
NSW: Central Ranges Pipeline Transmission APA Group (APA) Covered
NSW: Central West Pipeline Transmission APA Group (APA) Covered - light regulation from 19 Jan 2010
NSW: Eastern Gas Pipeline Transmission Jemena Coverage revoked 4 May 2001
NSW: Envestra (Albury) Gas Network Distribution Australian Gas Networks Covered
NSW: Envestra (Wagga Wagga) Gas Network Distribution Australian Gas Networks Coverage revoked 7 April 2014
NSW: Moomba Sydney Pipeline Transmission APA Group (APA) Marsden - Wilton covered with light regulation from 2008. Coverage for Moomba - Marsden revoked 2003.
NSW: NSW Gas Network Distribution Jemena Limited Covered
NSW: Western Slopes Pipeline Transmission APA Group (APA) and Santos NSW (Pipeline) Pty Limited Planned