Rules made

Under the National Electricity Law, the AEMC has the power to make rules amending the National Electricity Rules.

The AEMC is not permitted to propose rules (except for minor or non-material amendments to the rules). Rather, we make decisions on rule changes requested by stakeholders. In making and amending rules we are required to follow a rule change process under which we must consult with the public and publish the reasons for our decisions in rule determinations.

You can view each amending rule and its related rule determination in the table below. For each amending rule, the table also indicates the proponent, the date it was made, when it commenced or will commence operation and, if it has commenced, the version of the National Electricity Rules  in which it was consolidated.

Amending RuleTitleProponent(s)Determination DateCommencedVersion
NER and NGR Final Rules Retailer insolvency costs - pass through provisions COAG Energy Council 02-02-17 09-02-17,
NER and NGR Final Rules Retailer-Distributor Credit Support Requirements AGL 02-02-17 09-02-17,
2016 No.7 Register of Large Generator connections COAG Energy Council 01-09-16 01-07-17,
2016 No.10 Demand Response Mechanism and Ancillary Services Unbundling COAG Energy Council 24-11-16 01-07-17,
2016 No. 11 Market participant suspension framework COAG Energy Council 01-12-16 01-01-17,