Stage 4

Stage 4: Final Rule determination and if relevant, the making of an amending Rule

Generally, within six weeks after the closing date for submissions on the draft Rule determination, the AEMC will publish:

Similar to Stage 3 of the Rule making process, there may be occasions when the AEMC will extend the date the documents described above are published if it considers that a request for a proposed Rule raises issues of sufficient complexity or difficulty or there is a material change in circumstances such that it is necessary to extend the date these documents are published (see section 107 of the NEL).

The AEMC may also extend the date the documents described above are published to seek further consultation on a particular issue raised in a submission or a hearing on the draft Rule determination.

If the AEMC decides to extend the date for this reason, it will publish a notice which includes:

4.1 Final Rule Determination (section 102 of the NEL)

The final determination will contain the AEMC's reasons as to whether it should make an amending Rule including:

4.2 Making of an amending Rule (sections 103 - 105 of the NEL)

If the AEMC, in its final Rule determination, determines to make an amending Rule, it will make the amending Rule as soon as practicable after the publication of the final Rule determination.

The AEMC will:

Please note:

The AEMC will consolidate the amending Rule into a new version of the Rules when the amending Rule commences operation.