Strategic priorities

The AEMC has identified three strategic priorities, all of which aim to benefit consumers:

Enabling consumers to make informed decisions in competitive retail markets

Consumers can benefit from the evolving market arrangements and their choices provide important signals to businesses across the sector. As retail markets continue to evolve, consumers need to have the right tools to make the best choices for their circumstances. The three areas of focus – protection, engagement and participation – for the consumer priority aim to empower consumers to benefit from innovations in energy markets and enhanced competition.

Promoting the development of efficient gas markets

Gas market development and the efficiency of gas trading arrangements are key areas of focus for governments and energy market participants The focus of the gas priority is on continuing to progress gas market developments in line with the Energy Council’s Vision for Australia’s future gas market. The AEMC is currently undertaking two major reviews into the east coast gas market. The AEMC’s recommendations from the gas reviews will set out how gas markets need to develop to support this, along with an implementation plan for the development of the market. 

Market and network arrangements that encourage efficient investment and flexibility

Existing functions and roles in energy markets will be performed by new and different technologies in the coming years. Given these new developments, it is important that market and regulatory arrangements provide an environment for business evolution that promotes the long-term interests of consumers. In such a complex and multi=faceted environment, regulatory frameworks need to be resilient and flexible. 

For more information go to the project page for the 2015 review of our strategic priorities.